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Promotional Questions

  1. I signed up to HugeTraffic, but I cannot access the promotional area or my stats. What is the problem?
  2. Answer: You need to activate your account. You should have received a confirmation email instantly to activate your account. Check your spam folder as they sometimes get filtered for spam.

  3. It says $35-$40 per signup when I signed up. How can I get paid $35 or $40 per signup?
  4. Answer: We pay commissions for both trial and monthly paid memberships. Here is the tiered payout breakdown:

    • 1-149 qualified paid signups in a pay period - $35 PPS
    • 149+ qualified paid signups in a pay period - $40 PPS

  5. Are the username and password case sensitive when I log into my account?
  6. Answer: Yes, both username and password are case sensitive.

  7. What is the split for the revshare program?
  8. Answer: The split for the revshare program is 55/45 in the webmaster's favor and 60/40 in the webmaster's favor if webmaster sends more than two-hundred and ten (210) qualified paid signups in a pay period.

  9. What sites can I promote through
  10. Answer:  click here to view a list of all the sites you can promote.

  11. I saw on and What is the difference? Do I have to promote through HugeTraffic or can I just promote Fling through NastyDollars and/or BangBros?
  12. Answer: is the official partner program from However, for webmaster convenience, is available for promotion from inside NastyDollars or BangBros' affiliate program. The only difference are the Tours.

  13. I own a website where people input their email addresses and I market different products to them. Can I market your sites through email marketing?
  14. Answer: Absolutely NO SPAMMING or EMAIL MARKETING of any kind is allowed in our program(s). Your account will be terminated and monies forfeited if you do.

  15. What are some promotional tools available to webmasters to promote?
  16. Answer: FHGs, Hardcore Content, Geo Thumbs Builder, geo ads, geo banners, non-geo banners. Go to Promotion Section to check them out.

  17. What is the best promotional tool to promote
  18. Answer: Geo Thumbs Builder

  19. What kind of content do you provide for promotion of your sites? Do you provide movie content?
  20. Answer: We provide both picture and movie content, which can be found in the Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs) or the Free Fling Content in the Promotion section.

  21. Do you provide a free host and if so, what is the URL?
  22. Answer: no, we do not. But if you have a NastyDollars account, you can promote through NastyDollars and they offer a free host. at:

  23. What is an exit console?
  24. Answer: Exit consoles are popups or popunders that appear when you try to leave the site/page.

  25. Do I get credit on exit consoles?
  26. Answer: Absolutely.

  27. How much do I get paid for referring a webmaster?
  28. Answer: We pay $200 per active webmaster that you refer.

  29. I have a webmaster signup in my stats. What does "Webmasters Activated" mean and when do I get credited for the webmaster signup?
  30. Answer: For the Webmaster Referral Program, an active Webmaster is defined as a Webmaster that has sent a small number of paid customer signups (the number is randomly between 4-8 to prevent fraud) to

  31. How long has HugeTraffic been around?
  32. Answer: was launched in mid 2006

  33. How does Fling Mobile work?
  34. Answer: Fling Mobile pays out $25 PPS. We have a redirect script which will detect mobile browsers & send your visitors to with your affiliate id. Click here to get tour & redirect script. It's awesome!

Payment Questions

  1. When do you guys pay?
  2. Answer: Checks for the pay period from the 1st day of the month to the 15th day of the month are sent out on the 24th day of the month. Checks for the pay period from the 16th day of the month to the end-of-month are sent out on the 9th day of the following month.

  3. What forms of payment do you offer? Do you pay out through paypal?
  4. Answer: Checks, Wires, & ACH. No, we do not offer paypal as a payment option

  5. What is the default minimum payment?
  6. Answer: $50

  7. Where do I go to change my account information?
  8. Answer: you can go to the service link on and click on To edit your account information click here, then select modify account info.

  9. How do I change the minimum payment on my account?
  10. Answer: When you go to the Support section on, click on "To edit your account information click here." Scroll down to the minimum payment section and there is a drop down menu for you to modify your minimum payment.

  11. I changed my payment information, but the changes are not reflected on my account. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Answer: changes to payment information go through a review process and will not post to your account for 24 hours.

General Program Questions

  1. Does my username appear on the Tours?
  2. Answer: yes

  3. I have tried signing up but I get an "Invalid post and ip logged" error when I fill out the form. I filled out all the fields and it still won't let me signup. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Answer: make sure you are entering the date of birth correctly mm-dd-yy and make sure to include the dashes and do not use backslashes or other characters.

  5. I heard spyware marketing is very effective. What is spyware marketing and do you guys allow it?
  6. Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. spyware is malignant software that is installed on a users computer without their permission and then it manipulates what the surfer sees in order to drive them to sites/products that webmaster is promoting. Spyware strategies also include devious practices to trick the surfer into buying what they want you to buy

  7. What company will I receive payments from?
  8. Answer: Global Personals, LLC

  9. What are referring urls in the stats section?
  10. Answer: Referring urls are the urls where your traffic is coming from.

  11. I am concerned about 2257. Can you please give me some guidance?
  12. Answer: We are not attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advice. You can talk to mo at or icq: 263522417

  13. I do not want to violate your copyrights. Do I need a content license to promote your sites on my sites?
  14. Answer: When you create an account with HugeTraffic, you agreed to our terms and conditions, which provides you with a conditional non-exclusive content license. To review our terms, go to the service link and click on review terms and conditions.

  15. Can I see the referring urls for the signups that I make / do you have conversion ratios for referring urls?
  16. Answer: Yes. Go to the stats section, scroll down to the Daily Sales Summary Stats and click on the "referring url stats" link.

  17. I signed up and put my real name as the user name. What can I do to change the username.
  18. Answer: Nothing. The user name is the only thing that you cannot change. You need to create a new account.

  19. If a webmaster cancels their account or is terminated, can they continue to use our content on their sites?
  20. Answer: No. Per our terms, their content license is revoked when they cancel or are terminated.

  21. Are we responsible for the content posted on a webmaster's website?
  22. Answer: No. We can only control our own sites. We do have terms and conditions that protect us and allow us to take action if we do not like what a webmaster is doing on their site.

  23. Do you guys pay for trial signups as well? If so, how much?
  24. Answer: Yes. The same amount as a monthly sign up.

  25. Can I use other people's pictures/content to promote your sites?
  26. Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. We expect you to respect our copyrights and therefore we respect other people's copyrights.

  27. When I sign up to your program, can I use your content to promote other sites?
  28. Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. When you join our program, we grant a conditional, non-exclusive license to use our content and promotional materials, but they must be used to promote our sites/network and in accordance with our terms.

  29. Do you guys 1099 at the end of the year? If so, who does that apply to?
  30. Answer: Yes. All US citizens. US corporations and International webmasters will not receive a 1099

  31. Under what state are the terms of conditions governed by?
  32. Answer: Florida

  33. What is a hotlink?
  34. Answer: A hotlink is when you link directly to picture or movie that resides on another server.

  35. What are Tours and why do I need them?
  36. Answer: A tour is a web address that you need to use as the hyperlink in order to get credit for the traffic that you send.

  37. Can I create multiple HugeTraffic accounts?
  38. Answer: Yes

  39. Where can I go to review your terms?
  40. Answer: To review our terms, go to the service link and click on review terms and conditions.

  41. I am from Romania, can I join your program?
  42. Answer: Webmasters from the following countries are banned from joining HugeTraffic: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cost Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kaliningrad, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Pakistan, Poland, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yugoslavia.